active sounds

Mediated sports are experienced through the senses of sight and hearing. Sometimes, sporting games are transmitted via the radio, and all the action and suspense is reduced to waveforms. For this reason, the media exposure needs to emphasize the sound element not simply the images. This explains why sports broadcasting has become such a coveted profession and an influential factor in the sports industry. The following sound projects are composed with audio from a track meet and a compilation of other sports related objects (treadmills, tennis balls, bikes, ping pong balls, etc.) The editing was meant to bring all the elements together to evoke a sense of movement, activity, and intensity.

Sound recorded on a Canon Rebel T3i. Editing done with ProTools. Background music: “Ya’ll Ready For This” by Jock Jams.


Sound recorded on the iPhone 4. Editing done with GarageBand. Background music: “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor.

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