where is the baile funk going?

Dancing constitutes a very special kind of sport – one where physical activity is combined with artistic expression. Every type of dancing requires training to perfect technique, but some really push the body to new limits. In Rio de Janeiro, a new type of dance called “Passinho” [little step] has come onto the scene and is evolving with funk music. Just like many sports have done in the past, the Passinho dance is bringing peace to a zone of much tension.

Video taken with a Nikon D800, Canon Rebel T3i. Audio captured with a Rode VideoMic. Editing done with Final Cut Pro.

Original Language: Portuguese

In collaboration with the NGO Meu Rio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a media team from The New School in New York created a documentary following the campaign to revoke Resolution 013, which gives the police the power to allow or prohibit any cultural, artistic, and social event in Rio based on any criteria of their choosing. As more and more favelas are being pacified in preparation for the World Cup and the Olympics, many residents of these communities feel that their needs are being ignored and their right to cultural expression is being denied.

The funk movement is suffering under this resolution and the baile funk parties are being prohibited as a consequence of their historic association with violence and drugs. Because of this reality, this music and dance culture has had to adapt to these limitations and is evolving in order to create a new, positive identity.

This video is a 10minute trailer of the full length 45 minute documentary which will be completed and released in the next few months. Full credits will be included. Stay tuned!