basketball acoustics

A soundmap is a visual representation of sounds in a certain place. A basketball game is a very dynamic and stimulating experience. I decided to visually map out the sounds of the in-game acoustic experience, with a general overview of where each sounds occurred and their loudness. There are layers of sounds : some continuous, rhythmic sounds like the sneakers squeaking and ball dribbling, underneath the sporadic, disruptive sounds like clapping, whistling, and shouting.  Nevertheless, the rhythm of the game is constantly changing and the mood can be determined according to the soundscape. When things are calm and the players are talking their time, there is a slow, consistent dribbling sound like a metronome. But when the pressure is on, the game livens up, as do the sounds – faster dribbling and more shouting.

The choice of colors is based on the infrared temperature scale where the red is the hottest and the purple is the coldest. In this case, instead of temperature, we’re dealing with loudness.

Download Soundmap

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