rugby team branding

I see so much potential in the sport of rugby. My ongoing hope is that it spreads all over the world and converts athletes of all ages. All it takes is going to one practice or watching one game and you’ll be hooked. Because I only discovered rugby in college, I strongly feel that the youth of America need to be exposed to this phenomenal sport earlier on. The inclusion of rugby sevens in the 2016 Olympic Games allows for ruggers to train at an olympic level. In an attempt to bring some athletic fervor to The New School, I joined in with some fellow rugby aficionados in starting a co-ed rugby club in the Fall 2011 (sadly it didn’t last longer than that semester). This team aimed to unite the ruggers already at the university and more importantly, to introduce the sport to newcomers. At the end of the day, it all comes down to branding. We need to convince people that rugby is worth it, it’s worth investing in and worth following. These rugby ads bring in some graphic design elements to appeal to the contemporary New York student athlete and the youth of America.

Done with Adobe Photoshop CS5.

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