mccarren skate park

Skateboarding and BMX riding is a sporting culture in itself. These athletes spend countless hours practicing tricks and stunts under bridges, on ramps, in skate parks and anywhere they can get some air. In a remarkable demonstration of dedication and passion, these kids practice in good and bad weather to perfect their skateboarding skills. If reality, skating is a lot about defying the physics of nature, namely gravity, and therefore it is a sport that requires an immense amount of perseverance and patience. This 2 channel video on skateboarding is a mash up of stunts and other shots at the skate park in McCarren Park over the span of 2 weeks. This video captures a bit of the essence of this sport in a cliché way with music by the band The Kooks -“Runaway” and “Junk of the Heart” (warning: the volume may be a bit loud).

Video taken with a Canon 60D. Editing done with Final Cut Pro.

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